I am Solace and am a male 54 years old. I live in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. I write this in English and not in my native language – Dutch – because I want to reach an international audience, because I think my healing is universal. My blog posts are in English, Dutch, French and German. To do this I use Google Translate, the text of which I adapt afterwards to my liking. This text is written in English directly by myself, by the way.

I reach you by using my fingertips, so that’s healing at your fingertips. Not only by readings my blogs, but also by leaving a reaction behind, this might entail some healing for you, through your fingertips too for that matter.

Also, I have healing energy that flows through my hands. A woman that healed me some 26 years ago told me that this is one of my gifts.

Regretfully, I have never have come to practice this from person to person, and now with the COVID-19 situation, who knows what to do? Perhaps I can and will, with your consent of course, heal you – the person who reads this – in a not too distant future.

I notice – this could lead to a trend – that in my blogs I combine insight from the soul with reason from the man. Both am I, soul as well as man, which are by now one in me. That’s why I use my soul name Solace on this blog site for me as a man.

It was quite a journey, to become one as soul and man, of which the last fourteen years of it, I dare say ploughed through due to the misgivings of psychiatry, which made me nearly redundant by being forced to use psychiatric pharmaceuticals. Which I am being forced to use this very day on.

In my blogs you read about dreams of mine, personal history as a sociologist, my view on policy issues relating to COVID-19, etcetera. This all concerns me too the deepest. All things personal are political, feminists say. We all grow when we pull our personal power that we lost in the past towards ourselves again. This happens on an individual basis. This results in individual resilience, vibrancy and a life in fullfilment and aids to a strong community. It all begins with this basic rule: “Never think someone else more important than yourself”.

Many happy readings, and who knows, we may find ourselves walking the same path, or reading my blogs hints you to this conclusion.

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