How does a psychiatric illness develop? I don’t know. That’s why I ask the psychiatrist. After all, she is convinced that I am ill. Perhaps it is inevitable that I come to the conclusion: I am sick. Or: I am obviously sick. Because the psychiatrist sees my condition, which she refers to as ill, as unavoidable. I can’t always keep fighting against psychiatry, can I? In his relationship to the rampaging software program “Agent Smith,” Neo in the matrix films eventually adopts Smith’s belief that his demise is inevitable. All right, the psychiatrist wants to extinguish my light. That is essentially her relationship to me. And she cannot be changed. She uses the outer packaging ‘psychiatrist’ for that, including the beliefs that go with it.

The psychiatrist does not reveal anything about my ‘disease’ of her own accord. Don’t I have the right as a patient to hear from her own mouth what she understands by my illness? Why does she keep haunting me with her idea of ​​’disease’? I’d like to know. After she has answered this, perhaps the conclusion can be justified that she is obsessed with her profession, or at least, the seed of ‘obsession’ is present in her. I’m not in her shoes, but what happens when this seed grows? Does she then become the hell-smudge as a human being that she already is as a soul? I say this so that the judiciary understands what can happen to psychiatrists if they are given free rein to shape their relationship with their patients as they see fit. So far, this disaster scenario does not seem to come true, partly because there are patients who successfully resist patronage by psychiatry. And I say this emphatically: this despite the fact that judges are satisfied if the lawsuits entrusted to them for the sake of form have come to a successful conclusion.

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