I wrote on 07-18-2021 the following e-mail to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I received quite a friendly reaction from one of the employees from her office, but until now regretfully not from Ayaan herself. Which I understand, considering what I talk about.

Dear Ayaan Hirsi Ali,

There we go: people think submission by the official authorities and it’s branches doesn’t take place in a civilized country like the Netherlands.Think again: it does, although the way how and it’s it’s front organizations differ from a country like Somalia. I like your work a lot and have followed your experiences in the Netherlands and the USA to this day on. Recently I read your book “Heretic” and I found it a great book.

And now the point: Submission in Western countries is made invisible or more or less opaque. It’s difficult to lay a hand on it and discern how it operates. This is something that concerns me a great deal, not the least because I am myself a victim of it. As if having been selected by God himself I became a psychiatric patient in 2006, already more than 14 years ago.They still force me to use anti-psychotics. Life after having gotten an injection is for three days or so a hell on earth. I become oversensitive to bad voices then and I go from fear to fear. But also I get insight in how things work, which is interesting by itself.

About one year ago I was hospitalized without a good reason in a psychiatric hospital, but I learned to push my rights and before long I favored the climate there above living in my own house, because once they can’t get rid of you there anymore, they are less strict in the central psychiatric hospital. And you can’t evade this, you get accustomed with Dutch legislation surrounding psychiatry and in this way I learned to look for legal solutions as well to end my predicament. So one day I said to another patient: “You know, I am going to sue the Dutch state itself!” Then the other person said: “That means you must have a very good background!”. “I have”, I said. I came to this attitude because I had learned to shy off my attempts to become free, when I felt a certain influence, which I at a certain moment in time associated with the Dutch state. A certain massive presence of malevolence. But when I concentrated on it, I noticed it moved under my influence, so this made me hopeful and curious. After a day or so I knew how it was, I am the state myself (!) and the bad influence is King Willem-Alexander’s, who presents himself in a spiritual way to the unconscious of people as being the Dutch state, which for sure he isn’t.

The following are two tweets – in Dutch – which I posted about two days ago:

Het gaat deze SVP-er Sjoerd helemaal niet om de waarheid. Het gaat hem erom dealtjes sluiten, waar hij zelf weer beter uit tevoorschijn komt. En hij voelt zich in goed gezelschap, want de rechters doen hetzelfde. Die sluiten ook dealtjes, ten koste van de waarheid.

Jullie sluiten telkens weer een deal met de duivel, en dat is Willem-Alexander, wiens portret in elke rechtszaal in Nederland hangt. Het was dus juist van mij om mij te onttrekken aan de psychiatrie en huur te storneren, om mij daarmee een weg te banen, geleid door de waarheid.

These guys at mental health care seem to take care and seem tolerant, where in fact they aren’t. A lot of them are ingenious evil. And I want to get away from that. That’s a heart felt cry. Which isn’t possible in the Netherlands. That’s the reason why I think about moving to – why not – the USA. NYC why not, it has Dutch roots, is it not? I think my story doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance, but you have gone the route of asylum seeker yourself, so you could guide me perhaps through the proces in the USA. By the way, I have a degree in sociology and my final thesis had as title: “Asielzoekers in Nederland: Een evaluatie van de Regeling Opvang Asielzoekers”. So we have more in common than you may think.

If in New York, I would love the opportunity to see you in person. When you are in the Netherlands, feel free to contact me, I’d like to meet you.

With kind regards and I hope to get a reaction to this,

Alwin Bruins

Twitter: @solace74377009

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