About the book “Heretic” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Doesn’t Ayaan overidentifty with muslim women, by dedicating this book also to them? Isn’t overidentifying a common trait among Muslims?

Has this been asked before? Is Ayaan hiding something? The western democratic system, that is now the norm in most of the world, may be shiny and so. I don’t want to underestimate its importance as one of the pillars of individual freedom, and one cannot ask perhaps if it has any flaws, this because if one does, one runs the risk of getting the stamp of being flawed oneself.

My question is, knowing how corrupt and flawed political parties are, also the liberal party in Holland, the VVD, how Ayaan could have been a bearer of light for that party for some time. A bearer of light may shine anywhere she or he chooses, so also as member of parliament, as Ayaan chose, or, for that matter, as a psychiatric patient, as I do. As I say now, back then, I chose to undergo psychiatric treatment, and it didn’t work out, as I thought it wouldn’t. As I said, we should scrutinize the ways and manners in which individual resilience is undermined and, sometimes, if not often, is left broken, also, if this means scrutinizing the democratic system that is said to uphold this value.

Let’s not forget, the Muslims don’t rule the world. Full stop. Also Ayaan knows that. If she really wants to emancipate, she should stop complaining about her background. Everybody has a hardship to endure. Also in the Muslim world there are indigeneous people who were there already before the Muslims came. Perhaps Ayaan is one of them. This is what I call go back to one’s roots and pull back the power that was taken away from you. Become the African that you were meant to be. Perhaps you are already, and the things you do are only a temporal disguise. But you make such a drama out of it. Brush up your Shakespeare.

Being sly is recognized by people who peer through such a disguise, as the clans in Somalia did, who did this all to you, wrongfully as you perceive it. This temporarily fitted in with the Dutch parliamentary system, and this system was not ready for it and could not tolerate that. But this gave you enough credit to obtain a green card, although this scenario was not of your making, as I presume, but who’s scenario was it then? Ayaan is not a loose thread in history, is she, the reason Muhammed became faithful. There are reasons why one is born under circumstances like that and has to undergo things. Apprehending that makes you of full part of history, and not a loose thread, how compelling one’s story may be.

I only have read the beginning of “Heretic”, and there seems to be such a heaviness underlying these sentences written, in short statements. I also think, is this book something to be read in Apple Books, and not well worth buying the real book in real paper? Don’t know yet. I am only one of the many readers, so I don’t feel apologetic about this, but on second thought … One has to undergo one’s feelings, and defy where necessary.

Only a short message. Only in morse code, so future continuation of this theme is uncertain at this point in time. Reconciliation with Muslims may be a good thing. Ayaan calls for reform, but this is perhaps because being a bearer of light, she doesn’t know herself quite good enough yet. What is Somalia for Africa for instance? Does Ayaan relate to every part of Africa, or especially Muslims, Christians, Jews, etcetera? Does she stand with her feet firmly on the ground? Is she on a self-chosen platform?

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